Deloitte Greece joins forces with Maxima Insurance for a good purpose

Deloitte maxima δωρεά πυροσβεστικού οχήματος

In collaboration with Maxima Insurance, Deloitte Greece proceeded in the reinforcement of the Voluntary Civil Protection Association of Agios Stefanos donating a fully equipped fire-fighting vehicle.

The official delivery of the vehicle took place on Wednesday July 27, 2022 at the Life Gallery hotel, Athens. Present at the event was the mayor of the municipality of Dionisos, Mr. John Kalafatelis, executives and collaborators of Deloitte Greece, Maxima Insuranceand the fire-fighter team of the Civil Protection Volunteer Association of Agios Stefanos.

John Kalafatelis, mayor of the municipality of Dionisos strated:

“I want to wholeheartedly thank Mrs. Morfi and Mrs. Trakadi. This is the second fire-fighting vehicle being donated in the space of two months. Our municipality has been tried by the forest fires, last year a large part of the forest was gone. Agios Stafanos’ unit is the best the municipality of Dionisos has. We hope your example through this action of corporate social responsibility will be folloed by other companies”..


Christos Sismanoglou, head of the Volunteer Association stated:

“On behalf of the whole team of the Civil Protection Volunteer Association of Agios Stefanos and in extension all the citizens that we serve through our service, I would like to publicly express our gratitude and thanks to Maxima Insurance and Deloitte. This donation is a symbolic act of reward and actual trust for our voluntary work. With the initiative by these two companies, our team has a special Fire-fighting vehicle, the main of its characteristics being its flexibility, immediacy and ability to carry a large number of volunteers but also equipment. With this donation our Association moves even closer to its goals actively contributing to the protection of human life, property and most important, our natural environment the preservation and protection of which is our duty. We sincerely thank you!”.

Mrs. Trakadi Maria, Partner at Delloite Greece, stated regarding their participation in the donation:

“At Deloitte, we have a basic goal. Our every action, no matter how small or large, to have a reflection of real value. It is our great joy to actively support the work of the Civil Protection Volunteer Association of Agios Stefanos through Deloitte Foundation and its work. As a symbolic act of acknowledgement of your contribution, we join forces with Maxima Insurance, supporting your work with the purchase of a fire –fighting vehicle”..


Vasiliki Morfi , General Manager of Maxima Insurance in turn stated:

“At Maxima Insurance, wanting to contribute to the facilitation af the fire fighting work and in collaboration with MOTODINAMIKI-SIXT at the end of May2022 we donated a fire-fighting vehicle to the Civil Protection Volunteer Association of Krioneri*. On July 27 we went ahead with another important action. With the help of DELOITTE we donated a brand new fire-fighting vehicle to the Civil Protection Volunteer Association of Agios Stefanos. These are two initiatives that give recognition for the efforts of volunteer fire fighters to protect human life, the forest and our properties every year. We wish them every success in their work and we are always by their side”..

However at MAXIMA INSURANCE we don’t stop there. We continue with a heightened sense of responsibility, and our next move considers the “rebirth” of nature. Our goal, in collaboration with top companies and specialized scientists is to devise a study on the forestation of a treeless area. When this process is complete, in February 2023, thousands of trees and bushes will have been planted, improving the total image of the natural environment and the local living conditions.

*this specific vehicle was τused by the team of Civil Protection volunteers of Agios Stefanos to fight the recent forest fire in Penteli.