Maxima insurance provides modern, valid, specialized and effective services to entrepreneurs and businesses by creating tailor-made products that secure them against any possible risk. We offer coverage for:

Group life insurance

Maxima Insurance is capable, through Group Life products of supporting the proper function of a business community. We have the experience and know-how to offer businesses of any kind and size the policy that will insure their human resources, covering the employees and their dependents for any case that may cause a health disorder, and every insured employee could possibly continue after the end of their employment. Additionally, with your collaboration and our specialized policies, we can archive something even more valuable: reinforcing the staff’s engagement and loyalty towards the company for which they work.

Professional liability

Maxima Insurance secures the modern business against any claims that may arise during its business ventures. We provide total coverage for claims that may arise against the individuals of your company (executives, employees and affiliates), the company itself, as well as possible damages to your clients, their employer or other third-party individuals caused by unintentional mistakes or oversights in the application of the legislature and the standing laws and regulations that govern these business ventures.

Product recall

Maxima Insurance, with its specialized insurance policies, protects the greatest company asset, this being its reputation – the name it has “built” among consumers in the years engaged in the market. Through the policies Maxima Insurance is able to offer, it can cover the requirements of all businesses active in the production, distribution and sale of products.

Ship crew Insurance

Maxima Insurance with its significant Crew insurance policies, can fully protect ship-owners from claims on behalf of their crew. Having studied the developing shipping industry, it immediately undertakes to provide protection for the maritime employee worldwide and 24 hours a day.

Car fleet insurance

Maxima Insurance offers real and complete coverage for a business’ car fleet, with special rates that provide actual insurance premium discounts regardless of whether it consists of cars, trucks, work machines, forkliflts, rented vehicles, etc. Therefore it can cover all risks, which relate to the vehicle itself regardless of its use, owner and driver of the vehicle.

Fire / Property

Maxima Insurance faces the concept of “enterprise property insurance.” Our aim and our goal is to cultivate and ensure the necessary and sufficient conditions for the company to continue to operate and fulfill its obligations (delivery of products or services, payment of salaries, rents, etc.), while in effect there will be no access to the necessary funds that will allow you to seamlessly continue the operation to repair the damage.

Legal protection

Maxima Insurance ensures the use of legal services when they are needed. The various legal services required by a professional and the responsibility resulting from actions or omissions or those of their associates can, as we all know, carry unbearable costs. Beyond this, the handling of these cases require legal consultants with specialized knowledge, while similar “endeavors” bring the brand name of the company into question alongside customer confidence in its products and services.

Cargo insurance

Maxima Insurance provides coverage for any value of objects transported, by any means of transport, to or from anywhere in the world. We insure the goods traded, following the internationally recognized covenants as well as those applying to the Greek insurance market. Our goal is to ensure the proper and sufficient conditions so that your business can continue to operate and fulfill its obligations, in cases when the product is damaged, both during shipping and upon delivery.

Credit insurance

Maxima Insurance protects your company from insolvency and late payments, affecting a very large part of the modern enterprise trade. With specialized policies through the cooperation it has with prominent insurance companies, it helps you protect your fluidity, the non-payment of commercial transactions and helps the business to have the control of existing and future customers so as to feel protected and confident in developing its activities.

Warranty insurance

Maxima Insurance with warranty insurance policies through its cooperation with leading insurance companies in the industry, is a contributor to the effort of the company for growth. With tailor-made warranty Insurance policies, it provides flexibility and creates the conditions required for the development of your business, so any service, agreement or sale you make is assured.

Employer’s liability

The Maxima Insurance having a highly skilled team which is perfectly aware of the legal framework, with this insurance it allows the company to cover the employer’s liability for accidents that may be caused to an employee or technical staff from negligence by the employer or his legal representative and in addition, covers lawsuits for damage compensation.

Environmental liability

Having increased consciousness regarding environmental protection, Maxima Insurance offers specialized insurance policies and so enables companies to cover the case of environmental pollution. In case that potential responsibilities will arise, insurance of environmental liability covers the whole range of operators with the appropriate financial guarantees, which will cover any court decision.

D&O Insurance (Directors & Officers Liability)

In Maxima Insurance, we know that each business as a legal entity and also its executives carry legal liability for damage to third parties due to errors or omissions in the exercise of their administrative and managerial tasks. With these policies, Maxima Insurance provides business executive officers with protection from all forms of financial loss that may be caused to third parties because of personal liability of the company’s executive officers, as well as expenses incurring from investigation, advocacy and any form of legal support.

Financial loss

In Maxima we believe that insurance against money loss in various ways (forgery of signatures and invoices, the embezzlement of large amounts of money from employees, etc.) is a necessary protection for the continued viability of any business. Providing policies, depending on the requirement of every professional, Maxima is always on their side when dealing with the incident of financial loss.

Kidnap and ransom

Maxima Insurance, being well aware of the discretion and subtlety that befit such cases, meet this requirement with an insurance policy that provides specific benefits to the seamless event of any individual, entrepreneur or company



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