In an environment characterized by insecurity and uncertainty, Maxima Insurance relieves your anxiety effectually protecting your health and assets. We offer the most efficient coverage in the fields of:

Home Insurance

In Maxima Insurance we know that a house is the most valuable asset each of us possesses. It is this invaluable relationship we come to cover, with these home insurance policies. They are specially designed policies to insure the building but also, any kind of content from any kind of risk that each policyholder may face, so that every policyholder can feel the ultimate protection for their main or holiday residence.

Motor vehicle insurance

Maxima Insurance in collaboration with the most prestigious insurance companies, is able to offer the individual and also the professional the most complete, economic, advantageous and reliable solution for their vehicle. Maxima’s insurance consultants, being fully aware of the available insurance policies, can recommend the most appropriate insurance policy for your vehicle. At the same time they are available 24 hours a day for whatever you or for your vehicle may need regardless of its use.

Life insurance

Maxima Insurance feeling highly responsible to support your family in case of an unexpected unpleasant event, by ensuring the future of your loved ones who depend on you financially. We recommend respective insurance policies which fully suit the needs and requirements of each family. We guarantee that we will insure the full financial support of your loved ones when the main source of family income suffers a serious adverse event.

Pension plans

In Maxima Insurance, we are able to offer you the capability of enjoying everything you do today, during your retirement. Caring – always with your cooperation – to ensure for you a valuable extra income, which will allow you to enjoy what you do not want to deprive yourself of after your working years have passed. Maxima Insurance’s specialized consultants, will guide you properly, aiming to create the most suitable savings policy for you. The expected result is that the chosen pension plan will give you, at the age of your choice, a substantial capital that will ensure that you maintain your quality of life at a satisfactory level.

Hospital care

In Maxima Insurance we are making absolutely certain, to defend the protection of each family’s health at all costs. With the specialized health policies we can offer full coverage for you and your loved ones during a planned or sudden health-related occurrence. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of medical services as well as access to the leading medical treatment centers in Greece and abroad.

Travel insurance

In Maxima Insurance our desire is for you to be able to enjoy every trip whether professional or recreational. Offering the most appropriate policies, we will handle any problem that may occur, procedural or health-related, by resolving it immediately whenever and wherever it may occur.

Recreational Craft Insurance

In Maxima Insurance we have the ability to annually provide full coverage against any risk whether your vessel is for private or business use, in and out of the sea.

Works of art Insurance

¬ In Maxima Insurance each artwork, collection and piece of jewelry, is a challenge for a complete and proper insurance, because as special as each work of art is, it must receive the respective coverage. In collaboration with trusted, specialized and highly qualified experts, we guarantee its proper insurance respectively to its value. With specialized policies, we make sure, whoever owner of the project may be, (private, gallery, collector, museum, exhibition, institution, government agency, etc.), to offer a global coverage for all kinds of risks. Additionally, in case of damage the Maxima’s insurance consultants will be by your side throughout the whole process of your compensation.
This insurance is designed for:
– Collectors (private and non-private).
– Business.
– Exhibition contractors.
– State collections.
– Museums.
– Galleries.
– Institutions.

Maxima insurance offers:
– An expert’s report and investigation for the artwork’s best possible protection.
– Assessment by perfectly specialized partners.
– Technical support and settlement of potential losses.
– Competitive premiums and extremely simplified Insurance process.

Legal protection

In Maxima Insurance we are able to offer full coverage of Legal Protection for individuals and to professionals. Due to our cooperation with leading insurance companies in the field, we are able to support the client’s personal, professional and business liability with specialized and reliable services that will always be available to the policyholder, until the final outcome of his case.

Civil liability insurance

Maxima Insurance, in collaboration with you, will recommend the optimal insurance plan that meets your personal requirements whether being an individual or a Business. Through the policies we offer, we provide you with complete coverage from any third-party claims for physical injury or property damage they have suffered. Through our policies, we have the ability, to offer global and all-round coverage depending on your needs. Furthermore, Maxima Insurance’s service mechanism will be at your side from the first moment until the final resolution of your dispute with the opposing party.



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