“OUR FOREST”: Initiative for the reforestation of Attica 1.000 acres with 70.000 trees come to life.

Non-profit partnership “ALLIANCE FOR GREECE”, and “ΜΑΧΙΜΑ INSURANCE Ltd.”, have signed a collaboration agreement, taking on the restoration of a large forested area in Attica, destroyed by wildfire. The initiative called “our forest” aims at restoring the lost forest but with a sustainable way and mainly by ensuring professional care for the reforested areas for a period of two years.

The companies were deemed concessionaires of the reforestation works of 490 acres of burnt land in the area of Agios Stefanos and 516 acres in the area of Penteli by the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy. It is total area of 1.000 acres, in which 70.000 trees will be planted to support the forest ecosystem according to ΥΠΕΝ/ΔΔΕΥ/111254/3937 (26/10/2022) assignment order of the Greek government.

The study of the reforestation suggests trees with minimal water needs and biological requirements agree with the specific bioclimatic conditions and will act to avert the spread of a future fire. Examples of these species are: Oak tree, Carob tree, Judas tree, Aleppo Pine tree, Elm tree, Grecian Laurel, Oleander, Alfalfa, Myrle, and wild olive tree.

“ALLIANCE FOR GREECE” and “Μaxima Insurance” have taken on the task of raising awareness of the public, and especially the business world, regarding the benefits of establishing collaborations and supporting the aforementioned action. The ultimate goal of our effort is the reforestation of even more areas damaged by wildfires. The development of environmental planning relative to plant life interventions, especially in forest areas recently destroyed by wildfires, is of utmost importance.

Companies that wish to participate in the program and be in charge of the reforestation of one of the burnt areas can seek further information at info@symmaxiagiatinellada.gr or call: 2130230137.

A few words about “ALLIANCE FOR GREECE”:

“ALLIANCE FOR GREECE” is a non-profit partnership aimed at the collaboration of private and public entities for the promotion of the dominant role of Culture, Tourism, Sports Environment and Volunteering in Greece. In essence, this initiative expresses the private sector’s determination to selflessly offer its services to the Greek state, so that the country will receive the maximum possible contribution from the most robust and healthy branches of the Greek market. The entity is also supported by numerous other private as well as public entities, organizations, companies, but also individuals, executives of all grades of corporate hierarchy, with their active participation and actions. It is stated that “ALLIANCE FOR GREECE” is free from political commitments while its actions aid the Greek state without any financial support from that Greek government.

A few words about «Maxima Insurance»

Maxima Insurance is an insurance intermediary company founded in 2005. It rapidly developed and has ever since provided high-quality services and products to its clientele which consists of both individual and corporate parties, active both within the Greek borders and abroad. At the same time, it is distinguished by its deep technical knowledge as well as client-centric approach.

Athens, December 7, 2023
George Kaloudis
General Manager
2130230137 – 6932277290
e-mail: info@symmaxiagiatinellada.gr

Vasiliki Morfi
General Manager
Maxima Insurance

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