Strategic collaboration between Maxima Insurance and Deloitte

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Deloitte innovates for its staff members.

Deloitte upgrades the group life insurance policy

of its staff members with the additional covers of a personal health insurance contract.

Especially in the past year, with the business sector facing the health challenges brought on by the pandemic, offering a group health insurance is a well-received and acknowledged initiative of recognition and support towards the workforce of a company.

Deloitte, a business consultant company, has for years offered its staff members group life insurance and has now proceeded to upgrade its benefit package combining and reinforcing its covers through individual health insurance contracts, so as to ensure full covers for its employees.

With its deep knowledge of the group insurance market, Maxima Insurancecreated this specific product which provides the maximum cover value per executive,and at the same time providing the possibility to include dependents.Additionally, the program offers the possibility for staff members to retain insurance coverage after departure or retirement from the company. The additional cost is fully covered by Deloitte.

With the inclusion of these covers, Deloitte ensures a unique advantage in attracting high-level staff members, responding to the high demands of the times and showcasing lighting reflexes towards the creation of modern and satisfactory working conditions.