Maxima Insurance: A company that gives value …to the maximum.

Deloitte maxima δωρεά πυροσβεστικού οχήματος

Maxima Insurance is a company that bestows the maximum value upon the whole spectrum of its activities, either concerning its main field of operation, insurance, its corporate profile, or its social aspect.

That’s why Maxima’s philosophy dictates it being a strategic collaborator of the company and individual in every stage of their life and activity, not merely a typical insurance consultant.

It provides complete insurance services to individuals and private or public companies, specializing in group life insurance and technical insurance.

In the “heart” of its structure and operation lies its client-centered approach. That’s the reason behind its unyielding innovation, offering tailor-made products, in the context of providing specialized, high-level services.

But there’s more to Maxima Insurance. It is also a company that respects and endorses human principles and values…to the maximum, aiding the common benefit with all its strength. The matter of Corporate Social Responsibility is a major priority for the company, which introduces a wide range of actions and activities towards this direction.

In the “heart” of Maxima’s operation and structure lies its client-centric approach, the reason behind its unyielding innovation.

With initiatives such as the active support of organizations and public benefit foundations – The Ark of the World among others -, donations, voluntary blood donations, voluntary tree planting in areas of need (most recent one in the “Apsida” shooting range in Aspropirgos) and supporting various sports events, Maxima Insurance proves and commits to continue its maximum contribution in light of any emerging need.

An important initiative

True to its commitment of contribution to the public benefit, Maxima Insurance has recently proceeded with an important initiative with regards to our natural environment.

More specifically, the company donated a specially modified fire-fighting, all-wheel-drive vehicle to the Civil Protection Volunteer Association of Krioneri, aiming to reinforce the fire-fighting mechanisms of the Civil Protection Service’s voluntary structures for them, in turn, to contribute to the prevention and timely deterrence of fires in the wider area of the peri-urban forest of Tatoi, as well as the municipality of Dionisos.

The donation was a joint initiative of Maxima Insurance S.A. and MOTODINAMIKI / SIXT and the delivery of the vehicle took place at the facilities of Voluntary Civil Protection Association of Krioneri. The mayor of Dionisos, Mr. John Kalafatelis was present at the event.

Supporting voluntarism and the work of the Civil Protection Volunteer Association of Krioneri

Mrs. Vasiliki Morfi, General Manager of Maxima Insurance S.A. stated: “Emphasizing on the achievement of the paramount work of the Civil Protection Volunteer Association of Krioneri, MAXIMA INSURANCE S.A. in collaboration with MOTODINAMIKI / SIXT, stands beside the volunteers and residents of Dionisos, assisting the forces of the Association by providing a multi-use vehicle for the protection of the environment and to support the vulnerable groups of our fellow citizens during harsh weather conditions. We will continue our contribution towards facing environmental and social issues, aiming for a better tomorrow”.

Snapshot from the delivery of the four-wheel drive vehicle modified for firefighting to the Civil Protection Volunteers Association of Krioneri

Mr. George Livaditis, General Manager of the SIXT branch of MOTODINAMIKI stated: “The protection of the environment is a major pylon of the Corporate Social Responsibility of MOTODINAMIKI / SIXT. Within this context and in collaboration with Maxima Insurance S.A., we are particularly happy to offer a specially modified vehicle to the Association of Civil Protection Volunteer Association of Krioneri, actively contributing to the Association’s multi-sided and public beneficial work”.

Mr. John Kalafatelis, mayor of the municipality of Dionisos stated: “On behalf of the municipality of Dionisos and all our residents, I’d like to thank MOTODINAMIKI/SIXT and Maxima Insurace S.A., who in the context of corporate responsibility and contribution, joined forces and granted a specially modified, fire fighting vehicle to the Civil Protection Volunteer Association of Krioneri. It is especially encouraging that in this hard time we live there are companies that aid and actively support the associations and public entities of our area, for them, in turn, to contribute to the protection of the public, aiming to effectively protect our natural environment, private property and, most importantly, human life. We thank you again.